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Last Updated April 2, 2010

Coercion Is Not Healthy - Richard Winkler
Health-care is a basic right.  Think about that statement...a right? To be provided by whom? If it is a right, what then is the status of the health-care providers - doctors, nurses, researchers, insurance companies etc.?....more...

The 9-trillion dollar deficit is my fault - Richard Winkler
The cause and solution to our problems is as close as the nearest mirror. The kind of politicians we have are not principled, they are mainly pragmatic opportunists going where the votes are, and the votes are going to those who can deliver the bucks....more...

Just A Little Regulation - Richard Winkler
The best "regulation" would be to let those institutions and individuals who made the bad decisions fail. What better teacher than reality? ...more...

Obama’s Moral Ideal - Richard Winkler
He is unmasked…a socialist…a man who has failed to learn the history screaming at him from the wreckage of all the twentieth century attempts to built socialism.  His moral ideal is out in the open now.  We glimpsed it during the elections but did not want to believe it, or we granted him the benefit of the doubt of his good intentions.
His moral ideal is a world of economic equality. ...more...

The politics of self-Interest/a> - Richard Winkler
Recently, both Barack Obama and John McCain were
interviewed by mega-evangelist Rick Warren.   Each man responded in a similar vein to two different questions.  Their answers contain a confusion that they, and most Americans, have about an idea that most people unthinkingly accept and that is the cause of all the suffering now going on in the world. ...more...

Whose rights are being violated here? - Richard Winkler
The Seattle times, in a recent editorial, titled "FCC warns Comcast: Keep the Internet open", supported the FCC action against Comcast for blocking a certain file-sharing program.  The Times goes even further, it supports passage of a "net-neutrality" law that would supposedly prohibit large internet service providers like Comcast from discriminating in the type and quantity of content it provides to its users. ...more...

Environmentalists of the World Unite! - Richard Winkler
In an article entitled, “Greening the Globe: a time for Action”, columnist Neal Peirce praises “The Bridge at the Edge of the World", a book by James Gustave Speth which envisions a grand coalition of environmentalists, old line leftists, and ordinary Americans who are turning “green” in droves as a result of the endless “green” propaganda permeating the culture.   He waxes enthusiastic over the approach of a critical mass of the population which will buy less, eat less, and use fewer resources and thereby achieve the environmentalists’ goal of saving the earth from humans.  ...more...

There is no Islamist Threat - Richard Winkler
In an op-ed entitled “Paranoia Harming out way of Life”, syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts equates the furor caused by a popular anchor host wearing an Arab looking scarf in a television ad with the detention of a student who downloaded an Al-Qaida training manual.   Both incidents had apparently innocent causes, but they are not equivalent – should we not be concerned about someone who downloads a manual with instructions on how to murder innocent people? ...more...

How to Win a War - Richard Winkler
Recently, Colombia launched a bold raid into Ecuador killing a leader of a leftist guerilla group that has been bedeviling Colombia for years.  For this, Colombia’’s president, Alvaro Uribe was roundly denounced by Venezuelan socialist strongman Hugo Chavez and his ideological allies running Ecuador and Peru - but his already huge popularity with the Colombian people only soared higher.  ...more...

“McCain-omics”: a Strange Brew of Statism and Liberty - Richard Winkler
McCain’s honor politics and anti-intellectualism make him a moralizer without a consistent framework of ideas within which to moralize effectively, which means his actions are driven at least in part by his emotions.  ...more...

Knower: Ayaan Hirsi Ali - Richard Winkler
Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s journey from Islamism to secular Individualism is a tribute to a mind always seeking the “why” of things, never satisfied with superficial answers and lies.  It is a tribute to placing knowing over believing.  ...more...

When Courage Upholds Truth  - Richard Winkler
I have agonized a bit about how to write about Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the brave ex-Dutch legislator, originally from Mogadishu who was forced to flee Holland for America due to her uncompromising stand against Islam.  I have not read her latest book “Infidel”, so I will temper my remarks by a caveat that consists of the thought “she can’t be for real, can she?”  I have called her a modern day Jeffersonian Individualist and a true child of the Western Enlightenment.  I will let her speak for herself in these quotes culled from the Wall Street Journal article about her:

“Muslims must choose to follow their rational capacities as humans and to follow reason instead of Quranic commands. At that point Islam will be reformed." ...more...

Fear of Dying and Love of Living - Richard Winkler
Diplomacy can and should be engaged in when nations have conflicting interests, but not when those interests primarily include murdering or enslaving you.  What kind of compromise can we offer the Mullah’s: submit and become subservient?  They will accept no less, does anyone doubt it?  Where is the wiggle room here, what kind of give-and-take can we engage in?  Allow us to live for ten more years?  Make it a painless death?  Don’t put the shackles on so tight? ...more...

Iran's Intentions - Richard Winkler
The jaw dropping kicker in the book is in the epilogue “The price of Failure” where Timmerman relates in the form of a fiction story how a non-descript civilian cargo ship could sail up to the U.S. east coast, mingle undetected with hundreds of other ships that ply those waters every day, and in minutes aim and fire a nuclear missile that would obliterate the capital in a matter of seconds...more...

Spreading the Word about the "Religion of Peace - Richard Winkler
The "Religion of Peace", has Dutch lawmakers hiding in army barracks watching their backs, and worrying about their loved ones.  An article in the Wall Street Journal entitled "An Ordinary Dutch Life" highlights the plight of Geert Wilders whose " is in danger because of his criticism of radical, or, as he calls it, 'mainstream Islam'".  In Mr. Wilder's view, Islam hasn't been "hijacked" by radicals.  Rather, radicalism is embedded in the faith.  "It's a violent religion, an intolerant religion," he said matter-of-factly in an interview"...more...


Reason Without Religion - Richard Winkler
When the Koran or a Mullah asks followers to subjugate or kill those who do not uphold the ideas of Islam, the line from civilized dialogue to rule by force is crossed.   Someone who is required to "accept" Islam at the point of a gun has not made a moral choice.  ...more...

The Power of Faith
Islamism's most powerful weapon is not nuclear or biological it is the power of moral certainty.  These Islamist truly demonstrate the power of faith.  American preachers talk about the "power of faith", faith can move mountains they say.  Yet faith is not an ideology; in and of itself it does not dictate the content of belief. ...more...

Democrat's, What's your Solution? - Richard Winkler
The moderate Democrats remind me of that campy movie "Mars Attacks!"  Where politicians, with doves symbolizing peace flying around, approach the aliens offering friendship and get laughed at and then vaporized for their trouble. ...more...

Islamic-Fascism Finds a Home In Iran - Richard Winkler
We are not fighting just Al-Qaeda, we are fighting a set of ideas that has swept the Muslim world.  Those ideas can best be characterized as Islamic-fascism or Islamo-Fascism.  Iran is dangerous because it is a state whose guiding principle is fascism,  and, being a state can muster all the resources of a geographic area without much internal opposition.   It is suicidal to negotiate with those who`se avowed purpose is to kill or subjugate you.  We should immediately seek to remove the Iranian regime by military means while we can. ...more...
Islamic Opinion Be Damned!
When a person is physically threatened for expressing an opinion the police should be called in to arrest those issuing the threat.  When a nation or group threatens another nation or group with physical violence for having expressed an opinion, then the very principle of freedom of speech is threatened. ...more...

Attack Iran - Richard Winkler
Rogues can wax eloquent with speeches that include words like “freedom” and “rights”.  I remember hearing Saddam’s UN representative sounding almost like Thomas Jefferson.  Fools and cowards expose their hypocrisy when their actions don’t match their words. So  regardless of Bush’s stated motives, the real question, for anyone who considers freedom the highest of political values, is: has he actually started spreading freedom throughout the world and will freedom prevail? ....more...

Going Nuclear - Destroying Middle Eastern sourced Terrorism - Margaret Sanchez
Nuclear power is now being touted as the clean, secure and steady source of energy needed for our Internet age. Finland has just built its fifth plant and the protestors were marching with signs declaring "Greenpeace go home!" Amazing. Forty seven power plants have started up or are under construction since 2000 in Asia alone. China has plans for 100 new power plants and India for eight. Russia is also considering nuclear power. ...more...

Moral Self Confidence – Have We Lost It? - Margaret Sanchez

Right now President Bush and Prime Minister Blair are the men in the middle.  They are blanking out the truth that we are fighting rabid religious terrorists and they mean what they say and aim to get what they want:  A paradise of Islamic fundamentalism on earth. 

The Dangers of Agnosticism - Richard Winkler

In the case of pope John Paul we were lucky that he indeed had many fine qualities and did in fact uphold liberty for the eastern Europeans, but he also believes that the unborn (a fetus) should have more rights over the born (the mother), and considers happiness on earth secondary to some pie in the sky heaven.  So agnosticism is certainly not a "safe" route to take. ...more...

An Indecent Bill - Margaret Sanchez

Since I am a reasoning person in my own right, I don't need a nanny government to watch out for my moral state. ...more...

Is “The Little Guy” better Off As A Slave? - Richard Winkler

Someone who, due to unfortunate circumstances or through sheer laziness, is unable or unwilling to take care of himself is much easier to rule.  Politicians do not produce wealth they only pass laws.   When politicians are given control over the economic life of the country through laws and regulations such as the Medicare Prescription Drug Bill they are given the opportunity to gain a huge constituency of the dependent. ...more...

America Exists Despite Christianity Not Because Of It
In an excellent article entitled Judeo-Christian Philosophy and the Founding of America  on, Michael Marriott  explains why religion is not the cornerstone of America's unique political philosophy.
The Only Way to Solve the Rise in Anti-Semitism    Margaret Sanchez
The fact that an important, democratic nation in Western Europe can be so quickly and so thoroughly undermined by anti-Semitism should also be matter of concern-and a warning-for all Western nations, including America." ...more...>
Environmentalism - Code Word for Death   Margaret Sanchez
The fact that [the pesticide] Paraquat protects 40% of global food output, is benign to the environment and without it people in certain parts of the world are likely to die from starvation does not phase the eco-imperialists.  Their supposed concern is for eggshell density, mice, and fish.

Not Pressure Groups but Individual Rights for Iraq  Richard Winkler
The original plan for a constitutional assembly was to elect delegates from the different regions in Iraq - this, apparently, in an attempt to balance the claims of the different factions and tribes.  What is needed though is not a balancing of tribal claims, and pressure groups, but the upholding of the claims of only one segment of Iraqi society – The Individual – yes, Individual Rights.  ...more...>

Multilateralism vs. The Facts   Richard Winkler
Multilateralism is an attempt to sneak altruism into American foreign policy.  If morality consists of satisfying the wishes of others then intellectually, one should always consider the arguments of others before those of oneself.  After all isn’t the mind and one’s own thoughts the most selfish and personal aspect of a person? ...more...>


Oct 25 2009

t's Not Invasion of Privacy If You are not Aware Of It

“They said my privacy wasn’t intruded on because the surveillance was covert”.  

Those words, according Jenny Paton, 40, an English mother of three in England, were part of the explanation government officials gave her to justify why she was secretly followed around for more then three weeks by an education department officer, who cataloged her movements and those of here children. ...more...>

Nov 14, 2007

Meteorologist who founded The Weather Channel slams Environmentalism

The article by John Coleman pulls no punches and does not hem and haw.  Read it, don't get scammed.

An Iranian Smoking Gun?

The Daily Telegraph reports that more than 100 high powered sniper rifles manufactured by Austrian gun-maker Steyr-Mannlicher have been discovered by American troops in Iraq during raids.  The rifles were part of a shipment of 800 rifles sold to Iran allegedly to combat drug smuggles.   According to a Wall-Street journal article on this same subject, Iran signed guarantees that the rifles would not be resold.  The serial numbers on the discovered cache have not yet been verified against the guns in the sale, but if and when they are, it is "Smoking Gun" proof of Iran's direct involvement in the killing of American soldiers in Iraq.

The rifle is highly accurate and fires bullet that can pierce all body armor from up to a mile.  It can penetrate armored Humvee troop carriers.  American officials have said that 170 British and American troops have been killed by such weapons.


Environmentalism caused Katrina damage

All I have to say to all those environmentalists who cry at how we are hurting the environment is "brother you asked for it".  I dearly hope not a few of you lived in New Orleans.

Movie Review:  The Passion of The Christ
I do not think I will see the movie primarily because it is un-intellectual - uniquely focusing on the physical aspects of Christ’s ordeal during his crucifixion with apparently no attempt at providing any kind of context or discussion of principles or ideas...more...>

U.S. Proposes Interim Iraqi Constitution

The central issue is the type of constitution being considered, and it looks to be a “moderate” constitution.  That is, a moderate amount of freedom mixed with a moderate amount of tyranny.  ...more..>


VET Medicine: Forefront of Biotechnology
The very effectiveness of veterinary biotech would subvert the regulatory and ethical underpinnings of human-research constraints.  ...more...>